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Discord Servers

ReviewsBot is an application built to allow users in your server to write a review for anything.


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An All-in-One Review Management Bot for Discord

ReviewsBot is a powerful and versatile Discord application built to empower community engagement through user-generated reviews. Whether it's feedback on servers, bots, or other services, ReviewsBot facilitates an interactive and constructive review experience.

Key Statistics

  • 35k+ reviews submitted through us
  • Active across 2,800+ communities
  • Over 200+ reviews submitted through us daily


  • /stats: Get an overview of ReviewsBot's impact and usage statistics.
  • /config channel: Assign a dedicated channel for managing reviews.
  • /config title: Customize the title for your review embeds to align with your community theme.
  • /config color: Personalize the embed color to complement your server's aesthetic.
  • /config feedback-threads: Opt to enable or disable discussion threads for each review, fostering community interaction.
  • /restore: Securely migrate all submitted reviews to a new channel in the event of channel modifications.
  • /review: Submit a review effortlessly with a simple command.

Get Started with ReviewsBot Today

Improve your Discord server's functionality and user experience with ReviewsBot. It's not just a bot; it's your community's gateway to transparency and growth. Ready to enhance your Discord server? Try ReviewsBot now!

For more information or to add ReviewsBot to your server, visit our website.

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Great bot. 100% would recommend. The admin and developer are great to chat to, super helpful. The bot is always improving and it's made gathering my members feedback so much easier! Thank you!



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