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Hade, the ultimate music bot for your server! With support for YouTube , Spotify, Deezer , Tidal and more!


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Hade's Website

Getting started with Hade

Getting started with Hade is easy. Just invite Hade to your server and use the command /play song_name to play a song.

Commands List:


  • play: Play any query or link from supported sources.
  • connect: Connect the bot to a voice channel.
  • skip: Skip to the next available song in the queue.
  • skipto: Jump to a position in the queue without affecting the whole queue.
  • clearqueue: Clears the player queue.
  • loop disable: Disable Loop.
  • loop track: Loop the current track.
  • loop queue: Loop the whole Queue.
  • autoplay: Toggle autoplay on/off.
  • forcefix: Fix the player.
  • volume: Change player volume.
  • seek: Seek the current playing track position.
  • forward: Fast forward the current track +10 sec.
  • rewind: Rewind the current track - 10 sec.
  • previous: Play the previous track.
  • replay: Replay the current track.
  • queue: Display the server queue.
  • history: Display the previously played tracks.
  • remove track: Remove a track from a specific position.
  • remove duplicates: Remove duplicate tracks from the queue.
  • shuffle: Shuffle the player queue.
  • move track: Move a track from one position to another.
  • move bot: Move the bot from one channel to another.
  • disconnect: Disconnect the bot.
  • stop: Stop the player.
  • pause: Pause the player.
  • resume: Resume the player.
  • bump: Put any track from the queue to the 1st position.
  • speak: Make the bot say anything in the voice channel.

Why Choose Hade?

  • Hade supports up to 21 sources, including Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Deezer, and more, with 7 allowing track searches.
  • Enjoy advanced app commands-based playlist management for effortless organization.
  • Access a web interface for convenient playlist management (coming soon).
  • Skip sponsor blocks in tracks from YouTube for uninterrupted music listening.
  • Seamlessly handle various supported sources for precise track matching.
  • Enable autoplay from every source and look forward to upcoming features like /addsimilar and /ai playlist commands for AI-based song suggestions.
  • Easily switch the default search engine for Hade's track searches with a straightforward command.
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