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Vanity Roles




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Discord bot for personalized server engagement! Users set keywords in custom status for roles & get customizable notifications. 🚀


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Introducing our Discord Bot

Designed to enhance user engagement and community interaction! Users can easily set up personalized keywords or phrases that, when added to their custom status, trigger a series of actions within the server.

Brief Overview of Key Features:

  • Customizable Keywords: Users have the flexibility to specify unique keywords or phrases related to their interests or activities.
  • Automated Role Assignment: Upon adding the designated keyword to their custom status, users are instantly rewarded with a designated role.
  • Notification Embeds: The bot sends customizable notification embeds to acknowledge and celebrate the users who have successfully added the keyword to their status.
  • Full Customization: Server administrators have complete control over the appearance and content of notification embeds, allowing for a personalized and on-brand experience.
  • User-Friendly Setup: The bot is designed for easy setup, ensuring that users can quickly configure their preferences without hassle.
  • Community Building: Encourages a sense of community by creating incentives for users to actively participate and showcase their interests through custom statuses.

Whether you're looking to gamify server engagement, celebrate shared interests, or simply add a fun and rewarding element to your Discord community, our bot is the perfect tool. Elevate your server experience today!

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