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EasyVoice is the best Bot for temporary Voice Channels! 100% free


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100% free, 100% easy-to-use, 100% EasyVoice

Why should I use EasyVoice?

EasyVoice is the ideal bot for temporary voice channels. With EasyVoice you can easily create temporary voice channels on your server and communicate with your friends without having to deal with complex settings. The bot is completely free and offers a user-friendly interface that lets you design your voice channels the way you want.

When is EasyVoice useful?

Whether you're planning a gaming session, hosting a virtual party, or holding a quick meeting, EasyVoice is the best choice. You can create temporary voice channels at any time, which are automatically deleted as soon as they are no longer needed. This saves time and provides a clear structure on your server.

What is special about EasyVoice?

With EasyVoice you can take your user experience to a new level. Is there a problem with trolls? Just ban them from your voice channel. Would you rather talk to your friends? Then hide the channel from strangers. Would you rather talk to others in the community instead? That's no problem either, because EasyVoice has everything for you.

What are you waiting for? Invite EasyVoice to your server today and enjoy the benefits of a simple and efficient temporary voice channel bot

Getting started with /addchannel and /panel


  • Auto tempchannel creation
  • Easy Voice Panel
  • Hide / Unhide your voice channel
  • Lock / Unlock your voice channel
  • Lock / Unlock the text-in-voice chat
  • Set user limit for your voice channel
  • Rename your voice channel
  • Kick a user from your voice channel
  • Ban a user from your voice channel
  • Whitelist a user from your voice channel
  • Voice-Unban / Unwhitelist a user from your voice channel


  • {user}
  • {usernickname}
  • {}
  • {user.tag}

All Commands:

  • /help
  • /addchanel
  • /removechannel
  • /listchannels
  • /panel

Made by EasySystems

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