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ChatCop is your digital sentinel, utilizing advanced AI algorithms to maintain a healthy, safe, and inclusive environment for all members.


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/mod helpCOPY COMMAND 📋
Chat Cop's Website

🚔 ChatCop - The AI-Powered Sentinel of Discord

Welcome to ChatCop, the next-generation AI moderation bot designed to vigilantly guard your Discord community.

🤗 User-Friendly: With an intuitive setup and easy-to-navigate commands, ChatCop is accessible for admins and moderators of all skill levels.

🔗 Get Started

Getting started with ChatCop is a breeze. Simply invite ChatCop to your server and run /mod config start to initiate a guided setup that will tailor the moderation features to your community's unique needs. You can always head out to the wiki to learn everything about how to master Chat Cop.

➡️Key Features:

  • AI Moderation: ChatCop's AI identifies and acts upon inappropriate content, from spam to insults, ensuring a positive server culture.
  • Customizable Thresholds: Fine-tune how ChatCop moderates with customizable warning and deletion thresholds for different triggers.
  • Ignore Users: Ignore users from moderation based on roles.
  • Transparent Logs: Track every moderation action with a clear and concise history for both users and moderators.
  • Quick Moderation Buttons: Respond to incidents in real-time with one-click moderation buttons that integrate seamlessly into your server's interface.

Let ChatCop take the watch so you can focus on what truly matters - building and enjoying your community.

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