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EasyYAUDAB - The Easy Disord AI Bot. Whether for chatting, image generation, own system instructions or text to speech, EasyYAUDAB is your way to go!


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100% free, 100% easy-to-use, 100% EasyYAUDAB

Why should I use EasyYAUDAB?

EasyYAUDAB is the ideal bot for improving your Discord server with AI! You can use EasyYAUDAB not only for chatting, but also for image generation and text to speech! It also has an integrated translation system with the message interactions!

What is special about EasyYaudab?

The core idea behind EasyYaudab is to provide AI to users, for free! The core features are chatting and image generation, but it also offers more features about AI! Miss any feature? Feel free to suggest it in our support server!

What are you waiting for?

Invite EasyYAUDAB to your server today and enjoy the benefits of one of the best and free Discord AI Bots!

To get started just use the /help command and you will get a list of all our commands!

Most useful commands:

  • /help | Get an overview of all commands and important links
  • /chat | Chat with the Bot
  • /gen_img | Create an Image with the Bot
  • /texttospeech | Generate an audio with text
  • /translate | Translate a message

Made by EasySystems

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Awesome bot & nice to chat with in your server but also its free to use so its worth adding in your server if you haven't yet



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