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Pridebot: Your Discord bot for LGBTQ Identities! Explore terms, definitions, resources, and more to be yourself.


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Pridebot's Website

Pridebot, developed by Sdriver1, is an educational tool focusing on the broad spectrum of LGBTQ identities. Its primary purpose is to deliver enlightening information about various sexualities, genders, pronouns, and other identities under the LGBTQ umbrella. The bot is meticulously designed to educate users about these topics and to aid them in exploring and understanding their own feelings and identities.

In addition to its educational role, Pridebot is equipped to offer essential resources geared toward mental health support. The bot provides gentle guidance, sharing strategies, and advice for those contemplating coming out to ease this significant step. This makes Pridebot a source of information and a supportive guide in the personal journeys of self-discovery and expression for its users. Its approach is nurturing and informative, ensuring a safe and supportive experience for those seeking knowledge and understanding of LGBTQ issues and introspection of their own identities.

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you’re gay - but we all are uwu xd



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I'm really pleased with this bot. I had tried before to represent this community in our values, but the previous bot just wanted moderation roles mostly and we didn't need it. PRIDE Bot sure hit the mark. It is extremely informative and has a sense of humor as well. You want to learn about tone tags, they are there. Any trip to the dashboard/website has been a pleasure. I met the young dev when he showed up at my place and have nothing but congratulations on making such a well organized site, easy to use bot and also glad you showed up. You did well sir, please don't stop your building; if this is your work now, I can't even begin to imagine how far you will go. Thank you



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mhpphh... girls... pretty,,,,,,,



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