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Astro Birb




Discord Servers

👋 Hey, I'm Astro Birb. I handle modmails, infractions, promotions and message quotas, making server management easier for you!


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Astro Birb's Website

Welcome to Astro Birb, the cutting-edge Discord bot designed to revolutionize server management. Our all-in-one solution caters to every aspect of managing your Discord community, offering an array of robust features meticulously crafted to streamline staff management and enhance user engagement.

At Astro Birb, we aim to simplify the management of Discord communities by offering a range of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of server administrators and moderators. Our goal is to enhance user experiences by providing intuitive tools that ensure efficient moderation, seamless communication, and a safe environment for all community members.

⚔️ Infractions

The Infractions Module is a powerful tool for managing staff discipline within your server. It offers a range of disciplinary actions, including 'Termination,' 'Demotion,' 'Warnings,' 'Verbal Warning,' and 'Activity Notice.' With these options, you can effectively address various staff-related issues and maintain a harmonious server environment.


🎉 Promotions

The Promotion module is designed to recognize and reward exceptional staff members. It provides a straightforward way to promote active and highly skilled staff members, acknowledging their contributions and dedication to your server.


🗨️ Message Quota

If you servers staff team has a message quota this feature is extremely helpful for tracking it.


🗃️ Staff Database & Panel

The Staff Database & Panel is a comprehensive tool for managing your server's staff team. It provides a centralized database for storing staff information and a user-friendly panel for efficient staff management. With this module, you can easily add, remove, and view staff members, ensuring a well-organized and effective staff team.

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Good uptime, frequent updates and some good features!



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This bot is reallllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good I recommend 100%%%%%%



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