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Grow a Plant




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Grow and sell your weed and join the global leaderboard! Be the richest server and get your server active again!


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The game is pretty simple. You plant a weed plant and make it grow. Buy fertiliser and boost it or do it by hand. Selling your weed isn't that easy. Make sure a dealer is open when you try it!

Use /plant to plant your weed. image

Use /faq to see frequently asked questions. Or /how to to see also some infos how to play with the bot.

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In the realm of Discord, where silence meets sound, A bot stirs awake, with purpose profound. No commands to dictate, no strings to pull, Just a whisper of trees, a tale to unfold. In lines of code, a forest takes root, Each keystroke a sapling, each line a shoot. With digital hands, it scatters its seeds, In the vast expanse where imagination breeds. No need for guidance, no need for a hand, Just the bot and its mission, to spread across land. Through servers and channels, its message takes flight, A silent call to arms, to nurture what's right. In the midst of the chatter, a greenery blooms, A testament to unity, amidst digital rooms. For in planting these trees, we find a common ground, Where nature and technology dance all around. So let the bot roam, in its silent crusade, In the vastness of Discord, where connections are made. For in the planting of trees, be it real or in byte, We find solace and hope in the digital light.



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