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Giveaway Boat




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Advanced Giveaway Bot • Easy to Use Dashboard • Templates • Infinite Giveaways • Message & Role Requirements • Multiple Entries • And More!


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What is Giveaway Boat?

Giveaway Boat is an advanced Discord giveaway bot, with a lot of features and an easy to use dashboard

Why should I use Giveaway Boat?

It has so many cool features like:

  • Dashboard
  • Giveaway Templates (Create default set of values and reuse them again and again to create giveaways instantly!)
  • Schedule Giveaways
  • Customize Giveaways (Like adding image to the embed, changing colors of embed etc.)
  • Requirements (Level, Message, Role) (You can boost your server activity with these requirements)
  • Bypass Roles (Roles for bypassing requirements)
  • Multiple Entries
  • Giveaway Logging!
  • Available in Multiple Languages! (Dutch, English, French, German, Indonesian, Spanish, Turkish and much more!)
  • Allows unlimited number of Giveaways at once!
  • Allows you to create giveaways with up to 100 days duration!
  • Allows you to add custom messages to be sent in entry confirm, deny, reject embed and also in winners DM messages!

How do I use the bot?

Using our dashboard is the easiest way and it's pretty self explanatory but if you prefer slash commands only, get started with /giveaway create!

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