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A RPG Style Pokémon game for Discord. Allowing you to spawn and catch Pokémon throughout your server. Along with breeding, dueling, and adventures!!


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A RPG Pokemon Experience

Onixian allows Discord users to experience a unique Pokemon game within their own servers. Allowing them to play with friends or alone!

🐉 Spawns and Breeding

  • Spawn use Pokeballs and do not require you to know Pokemon names. There is a Pokedex to accompany any collectors as well.
  • Command based spawns also remove the need for redirecting or extended server setup! Just add the bot and enjoy!!
  • Breeding system similar to the games but utilizes time based hatching. Allowing for AFK breeding or opens up time to do other things on Discord.

💹 Trading

  • Trade and sell Pokemon either with friends or across our global market.
  • In bot Auctions coming soon!!

⚔️ Dueling

  • One of the most advance PVP systems on Discord. Allowing status effects and secondary move effects to shine.
  • NPC duels are randomly generated Pokemon, allowing new users to learn duels and moves.
  • Integerated Gym Leaders with premade sets. Challenge them to advance from region to region!!

❓️ Support

  • Make sure you join our Official Server for updates!
  • Events are run frequently and for plenty of time.
  • Reach out for partnership request as well.

TLDR; We've got a ton of features worth checking out! NPC duels and gym leaders for fighting. Pokedex and other special Pokemon for collecting. Come check it out!!

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