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Multipurpose multilanguage bot with unique features for your Discord, including many commands and customization options


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TomatenKuchen's Website

TomatenKuchen is a multipurpose Discord bot with many common, but also many unique features for your Discord server.

It is constantly being maintained updated almost daily. It's features (did I mention that all of them are usable for free?) include:

  • multiple languages (currently German, English, Hungarian and French)
  • unlimited customcommands
  • unlimited reaction, button and select roles
  • Level system with unlimited reward roles and fully customizable level messages per level
  • AutoMod for common spam techniques and integration with Discord AutoMod
  • AI image generation and ChatGPT command
  • customizable ticket system with ticket categories and (self made!) Discord-like transcripts
  • many single- and multiplayer games, like TicTacToe, Connect Four or Uno
  • self made backup system which can backup everything on a server
    • (compared to other backup bots like Xenon xD)
    • can also load Discord templates onto an existing server
  • fully customizable RSS feeds and YouTube video notifications
    • can be used for Mastodon, Twitter, Reddit, …
  • Minecraft version release & server status tracking
  • vote tracking for bots and servers with reward roles
  • feature rich logging system
  • temp voice channels
  • stats in all kind of channels & website for member, message & active chatter count and more
  • … and 100 commands and their subcommands to explore :D


All commands can be used with slash commands, but you can also add multiple message command prefixes.

Check /help or the commands page for a list of all commands.



Feel free to join our support server if you need support!

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I'm using this bot since 4 years now, and I really like it. It has many helpful functions and the support is also very good.



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