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The most unique and complete bot for temporary voice channels & VC Roles! • Full of handy and unique features just for Voice Channels!


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⭐ Temporary voice & text channels ⭐ Voice roles ⭐ Commands interface ⭐ Extreme customisation ⭐ Voice channel exclusive


🔊 Temporary voice channels

Astro generates temporary voice channels on prompt and deletes them when they get empty.
These channels are fully customisable and they will clear the clutter from your server!

💬 Temporary Text Channels

Astro can also generate, for every temporary VC, a temporary text channel that only the users inside the VC are able to see.

🛠️ Extreme customisation

VC Generators are extremely customisable so that you can create the perfect system for your server, commands can also be banned or restricted to certain users!

🧬 VC-Role Connections

Astro can assign or remove a role when a user joins a specific voice channel!
In this way you can, for example, let people see gaming text chats only while they are in a gaming VC, imagination is your only limit!

🚥 Astro Interface

Astro has a handy interface which makes it easy for mobile users to manage their private channel!

✨ Voice Channels Exclusive

Focusing only on voice channels makes Astro the best bot of its kind, try it now!

🤝 Astro helps you clear the clutter of your server and enhances the user experience. Take your server to the next level now!

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