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The most customizable ticket bot for your server! Manage support tickets and suggestions easier than ever with this ticket tool! MEE6 ProBot


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Tickety's Website

Tickety - Simplify Support and Engagement on Your Discord Server! 🎫

Quickly manage support tickets, suggestions, and sales with Tickety, the ultimate Discord tool for server administrators. Our customizable features make serving your community easier than ever before.

🚀 Get Started

Invite Tickety to your server and set up effortlessly with our quickstart guide or the /setup command.

✨Key Features

  • Interactive Buttons
  • Free Translations
  • Select Menus
  • Custom Forms
  • Multi Panels
  • Claiming
  • Detailed Transcripts
  • Custom Commands
  • Unique Rating System
  • Auto Close Functionality

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🌟 Join the Community:

Become part of Tickety's story and explore our discord group, including giveaways, support, and update logs. Join our Discord server and connect with our community.

Thanks for choosing Tickety! 🎉

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This is legit the best ticket bot out there! i've been using Ticket Tool, Tickets and Tickety! the best feature about Tickety is that you pay once and you lifetime instead of other bots who require monthly payments! i have used Tickety for over 1 year now and i am not changing! they got all the functions i need even for free! yes some of the features they got is premium but this bot is so much more customizeable than the other ticket bots and also it's cheaper!



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Tickety is a za best in za west ticket bot! There are amazing high quality features and no stupid limits. Love this bot.



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