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Automatically calculates the total streaming/screenshare time. Automatically changes user names when new users join the server.


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ScreenShare Time Counter & Change Nick Name and more

Discord Bots

/Setup for setup this bot || Just Watch Video on yt about how this bot work xD

LIST MESSAGES COMMAND (PREFIX : x ) help - Show All Command ping - Showing Ping xD top - Send Embed For Top Streamers On Ur server settings - Showing ALL Setting thats already u set for this bot


/setup , need run one time for added ur server to our database

set-log (streaming || voice log) set logging channel

set-channel, white list 1 channel for use xtop command

set-nick, set autonickname for joined members

set-notif, set notification for members streaming / screenshare

settings, showing all logs which is already set in ur server

help, showing all command info and command name

reset, reset database to 0

If U Use AutoNickName . Please Move Role This bot higher than members role :)

How to Use? Click me to check Video

Discord Server Support Click me

invite links Click me

one of the bots that has a feature to count calculating time streaming on voice channel, showing leaderboars of streamers , and this bot is very good to use for servers such as game community or any server You can change the nickname settings as you like, you can change their names, or add nicknames in front of or behind their names and by changing your nickname, you can prevent members from falsifying data or pretending to be important people or being someone else on your server

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