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EasyThreads: Easily manage Threads and Forum Posts with many customization options! Autothreading, Thread moving, ticket system with threadpanels, forumpanels and more!


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🧵 EasyThreads: Your Discord Threads Management Bot 🤖

Why EasyThreads?

EasyThreads is the ultimate solution for enhancing your Discord server experience through efficient management of threads and forum channels!

With EasyThreads, you're not just adding any bot, but you're unlocking a lot of new possibilities:

  • 🛠️ Highly customizable autothreading
  • ⭐ Ability to move threads and posts between channels
  • 📝 Automatic application of settings to user-created forum posts
  • 🎨 Creation of threads/posts via commands or buttons in our sleek panels
  • 🚀 100% customizable user experience

When is EasyThreads Useful?

EasyThreads can be useful in many different ways, some examples are:

  • 🎬 Media-only text channels: Automatically create threads for discussions on media content.
  • 🗑️ Streamlined channel management: Use threadautodelete feature to manage threads efficiently.
  • 🎟️ Ticket system with private threads: Easily set up private threads with Threadpanels.
  • ⭐ Keep structure: Move Threads between channel to always keep the content related to its purpose!

What Makes EasyThreads Special?

At the heart of EasyThreads is a commitment to providing Discord users with invaluable and customizable features—all for free! Have a feature request? Join our support server, share your suggestion, and watch it come to life!

Get EasyThreads Now!

Invite EasyThreads to your server today and unlock the ability of advanced threads management!

To get started, simply use the /help command to access a list with explanations of our commands and variables! This will also give you some links, for example to our support server where you can always ask for help or make suggestions to the Developers!

Most Useful Commands:

  • /help: Get an overview of all commands and important links
  • /autothread: Enable/Disable autothreading
  • /panel: Create Thread/Forumpanels
  • /movethread: Move a thread or forum post to another channel

Invite EasyThreads

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Love this bot ❤️ It's soo easy to use & very customizable! 🤝



6 people found this review helpful

Best thread bot I've seen, try it out



1 people found this review helpful

Great bot and easy to use. Love the autothread feature



2 people found this review helpful

Great bot. Seems to be working well for me. Can only recommend Easy System bots!



2 people found this review helpful

In short: Great Bot for Threads! it offers good customization, and active updates. ✨



2 people found this review helpful

Very convenient and customizable!



5 people found this review helpful

Einfache Fäden ist ein sehr guter Discord Roboter. Kann ich ihnen nur empfehlen!



0 people found this review helpful

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