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Minecraft real-time server status, data and analytics for your discord server, for free.


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Is Mc Server Online is a Discord bot that allows users to check the status of a Minecraft server and receive updates on its availability. The bot has several commands that can be used to interact with it, including:

/status - This command allows users to check the current status of the Minecraft server. It will indicate whether the server is online or offline, and if it is online, how many players are currently connected.

/livecheck - This command enables the bot to automatically check the status of the Minecraft server every 15 seconds. This is useful for users who want to be constantly updated on the server's availability.

/config - This command allows users to change the color of the embeds that the bot uses to display the server status. This allows users to customize the bot to match their own Discord server's theme.

This bot is useful for Minecraft server owners who want to keep their community informed about the status of their server, and for users who want to know when a particular Minecraft server is online. The live check feature is especially useful for those who want to be alerted when the server is back online after an outage. Overall, this bot is a useful tool for managing and monitoring the status of a Minecraft server.

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imo best mc server status bot, like it's real data every only 30 seconds lol



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