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Festive Tree Maker is a highly customizable tree maker that features ornament crafting and decorating your own Christmas tree!


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What is this bot?

Festive Tree Maker is a highly customizable tree maker that allows community members to celebrate the holidays with their friends! This bot features tree-making for each member and the server to put together.

What do you do?

You can select up to six different ornaments with seven colors each and upload your own image or design to create the perfect ornament then you can add those ornaments to your personal tree or have one of the moderators add them to the server tree.

Can I use my own images to make ornaments?

Yes! In order to make an ornament, you must supply your own image that can be anything you want from a minimal pattern to portraits of your memories!

What about trees? Is there more than one?

Yep! 4 trees and three backgrounds to choose from with different lighting to custom to each environment!

Who can have trees? Is there a server tree?

Each user can have their own tree to do what they wish as well as the server itself which can be controlled by either a moderator or a role assigned to handle the bot itself!

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