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Empower your Discord server with Aware: Antinuke, Antiraid, Giveaways, Utility Selfroles, Moderation, and Logging all in one versatile bot


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Aware is your all-in-one solution for enhancing your Discord server. With robust antinuke and antiraid features, it ensures the security and integrity of your community. Engage your members with exciting giveaways, allowing you to effortlessly organize and distribute rewards.

Empower your community with self-roles, enabling members to personalize their experience within the server. The utility commands provide a range of tools, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable environment for everyone.

Efficient moderation is at your fingertips with Aware, giving you the ability to manage your server with ease. The logging functionality ensures a comprehensive record of server events, promoting transparency and accountability.

Explore a diverse set of commands tailored to each feature, allowing you to fine-tune and customize your server's functionality. From security measures to engagement tools, Aware provides a comprehensive suite of commands to cater to your community's needs.

Elevate your Discord experience and foster a thriving community with Aware – the versatile bot that brings together antinuke, antiraid, giveaways, self-roles, moderation, logging, and more. Make your server stand out with Aware's comprehensive feature set and user-friendly commands.

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being a developer of this bot! I am damn sure this will be the perfect realm for your server !



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Aware is a good and a reliable bot , it's selfroles system is what I loved the most from which you can make drop-down and button memnu for selfrole



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