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A fun cross server bot that lets you talk to people from different discord servers at the comfort of your own server! Easy to setup and straight to the point ✨


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PairPal's Website

PairPal in Action. Seamless Topic-Based Conversations ✨

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Your Safety is our Top Priority 🚨

  • We do not allow sharing links, especially invites which ensures you won't receive any unsolicited ads. No links

  • We also do not allow sharing files, images, and videos. Never worry about seeing things you're not expecting. No media

  • Report users with just a click to ensure bad sports are eliminated from the PairPal Network. User Reports

Why PairPal?

Server Engagement

  • We've all seen a point where there are no conversations going on in our favorite servers. PairPal helps you talk to people regardless.

Helps new members socialize

  • A lot of us have preferences, that way, new members do not usually prefer engaging in conversations involving multiple people. PairPal facilitates 1 on 1 conversations.

Topic-based matchmaking

  • In a mood to talk about something specific? PairPal lets you pick a topic you like and helps you talk with someone with the same interest.
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This is a very cool concept! I think sub-categories would be nice as long as there is enough demand



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