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Eluna is a free-to-play MMORPG discord bot on Discord! Claim, trade, battle 200+ unique characters, and top leaderboards!


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Eluna's Website

Eluna Discord Bot

Welcome to Eluna, your ultimate MMORPG experience right within Discord! Dive into an immersive world where you can claim, trade, and battle with over 200 unique characters, each with distinct abilities and attributes. Here’s what makes Eluna the must-have bot for any Discord server:


  • 200+ Unique Characters: Collect a diverse array of characters, each meticulously designed and balanced for competitive play.
  • 6 Different Rarities: Characters come in six distinct rarities, ranging from common to legendary, ensuring that every claim is exciting and valuable.
  • Character Ratings: Each character is rated based on their power and utility, helping you build the most formidable team.
  • Marketplace: Trade your characters with other players in our bustling marketplace. Buy, sell, or trade to complete your collection or gain strategic advantages.
  • Marry/Divorce System: Forge alliances or engage in friendly rivalries with the marry/divorce feature. Form bonds with other players or break them for strategic benefits.
  • Leaderboards: Compete with players worldwide and see where you stand on the global leaderboards. Strive to be the best and earn exclusive rewards.
  • Regular Updates: Eluna is constantly evolving with regular updates, adding new characters, features, and events to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

How to Get Started:

  1. Invite Eluna: Add Eluna to your Discord server using the invite link.
  2. Register: To get started, run the command /register and set up your profile.
  3. Claim Your Characters: Start claiming characters using the bot commands. Each day brings new opportunities to expand your collection.
  4. Trade and Compete: Use the marketplace to trade characters and climb the leaderboards by engaging in battles and events.
  5. Social Interactions: Marry or divorce other players to build alliances or create rivalries.

Few of the Commands:

  • /register: Register and set up your profile to start your adventure.
  • /card roll: Claim a random character.
  • /leaderboard: View the top players on the global leaderboard.

Join the Community

Join our vibrant community of players and become part of the Eluna family. Share strategies, trade characters, and participate in exclusive events.

Start your adventure with Eluna today and conquer the world of MMORPGs on Discord! Happy gaming!

Eluna - Where every character counts, and every battle is legendary.

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