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xelA is a multipurpose bot with a goal of being "the only bot a Discord server needs". Note that this bot is whitelisted invite only.


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Who is xelA?

xelA is a Discord bot that is dedicated and made to be "The only Discord bot you'll ever need". There are multiple functionalities on the bot, such as casino, leveling, auto moderation, birthday reminder, premium ticket system, music and more. What does all of these features cost? Nothing!

Why xelA?

I mean, you get all the premium functions from other bots, for 100% free on xelA, what more can you ask for. Not convinced yet? You should probably check out these links:<br>

  • xelA "Commercial" Video |
  • xelA Testimonials |
  • xelA Commands |

What kind of settings does it have?

Custom prefix, welcome role seperated by human and bots, disable commands, ignore channels, music customizations, welcome/farewell messages, server stats, levels, casino shop (roles), tickets, logging, warning, muting, auto dehoist, image only channels, anti raid (strict mode), adblock (removing linkes), anti capslock spam, anti newline spam, anti mention spam, anti spam, family friendly filter, word filter.

I mean, you pretty much got everything combined in this nice, little bot 🙃

How to invite xelA

To invite xelA, you need to be whitelisted and following a few requirements. Whenever you join the Discord, you can make a ticket and request access to the bot, be prepared with information like how many members are in your server, how many bots you got and when the server was made 🎀

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