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The writing bot for people who don't like writing! 😤 📝 This needs to be longer so hi!


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Are your stories too coherent for your liking? Do you want writing with friends to be frustrating but fun? Then have I got the bot for you!

Growing up, our family would tell "and so" stories. One person would start telling a story about some person or thing. They'd eventually say "and so…", at which point the next person would pick up the story and continue it. This bot lets you tell one of these unpredictable stories in Discord!

After everyone /joins, one person will be chosen at random to begin writing. They will write the first bit of the story and send it to the bot. The bot will then choose another random author and have them continue writing the story. The story gets bounced around from person to person as everyone adds their own unique touch to the story! People can continue the story, introduce a cameo, or just completely mess up the plot by introducing a multidimensional llama. It's impossible to tell what will happen next with StoryBot!

Just want to try it out? Join our support server!

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