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Replacement for All of your Music Bots - Free 24/7 Mode and Hi-Res Audio! **No Premium/Voting Commands!!**


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Omniverse Music

The only music bot you are looking for!

Omniverse Music is a bot to play music in your discord server! It comes with amazing features like 80+ Music Filters, 24/7 Mode, Volume ccontrol and much more!

Lets talk about some spicy features of omniverse now.

1. It stays 24/7 in Voice and Stage Channels. All you have to do is execute the join command :D. There is no seprate procedure like 24/7 command etc just to make the bot simple.

2. Tired of voting for using premium commands? With Omniverse you can use any command without needing to vote for any command as well as enjoy lower command cooldowns that is less than 3 seconds. Amazing! Right?

3. 80+ Music filters! Omniverse is the only Discord bot that comes packed with 80+ Audio FIlters! to boost up your experience with music on discord! More filters to come soon

List of filters.

4. Easy to use for beginners! If someone is new to the bot and mentions the bot, The bot will respond with prefix and some details about using the bot! This allows users to learn how to use the bot :D

5. Need for Music! No Limits! We dont push limits to commands like limit on song duration or limit on amount of seconds to seek/forward/reverse! You can play song of any duration without any problem!

6 More bots to invite! Omniverse is not alone! You can invite other Omniverse bots to spice up your discord server!

Sooo invite when??

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