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Set AutoPost channels, chat with Gemini, generate AI images, get useful information. Try Kotone now!


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Kotone's Website

✨ Kotone Bot & App

Kotone has many special features such as: AutoPost, AI-Chatbot, Free access and more things. The Kotone features are special among Discord Bots, no one sigle bot has our unique features, fast, efficient, secure and free for you. Kotone is a bot suitable bot for everyone, gaming, chatting and every community, depends on you how to configure it for your community.

🔥 Principal Features:

  1. ⏲️ AutoPost: Auto send media content in a channel (Cats, Memes etc..)
  2. 🌐 Kotone App: you can install Kotone in your account and use it everywhere!

AutoPost (new!)

This is the most used Kotone feature! You can retrieve videos, images ands gifs of *many categories every few time, tons of different and unique real content just for you! You can select this three things:

  1. 🕰️ Cooldown (5mins is the limit).
  2. 🎲 Category (cats, memes, etc).
  3. 🗃️ Channel (specify the channel).

Set it up once, and let the bot do the rest!

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