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Experience Limitless Audio With Euphony on Discord - Supports all major platforms!


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Euphony's Website

One-Click Access to Your Favorite Music Euphony bridges your favorite platforms - Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Deezer and YouTube. Your favorite tunes are never more than a click away.

Your Music Library in Your Hands Access and manage your personal library right from the website. Browse and edit your liked songs and playlists!

Autoplay Say goodbye to silent moments with our AutoPlay feature, which will get new songs based on your most recently listened to songs once the queue is empty.

24/7 Mode Euphony will not leave the voice channel when there is no more music to play. Never experience interruptions and come back to play music any time of any day!

Radio Mode We have multiple different radio modes, Genre, Custom Genre, Artist, Live, and GTA Radio. GTA Radio is where you can choose an actual GTA Station just like the game, with commentary from the actual DJs. Live Radio connects you to a real live station where you can tune in!

Exclusive DJ Mode Take control of your audio experience. With DJ mode, a feature where when enabled only Premium Plus users and users with "Euphony DJ" role, can command the bot.

And More! There are even more features that Euphony offers, that we can't list them all neatly here! Advanced Spotify Support, & Searching for playlists, albums, artists, & podcasts, unique voicelines that Euphony uses to let you know when it has joined a voice channel, when the queue is empty & etc..., lyrics, server plans, and more!

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