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RoGuard is an innovative new service that allows you to verify members in your Discord server using their Roblox account.


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RoGuard is an innovative new service that allows you to verify members in your Discord server using their Roblox account. With RoGuard's powerful Discord bot, you can easily and quickly verify members and ensure that only trusted individuals have access to your server.

What does RoGuard do?

RoGuard is a Roblox verification bot that limits access to channels or other permissions using a Verified and/or Unverified role. Once a user has verified their Roblox account with RoGuard once they will be verified on any server that uses RoGuard.

Example uses of RoGuard:

  • Locking your server behind our Roblox verification (users can't see any channels unless verified).
  • Locking particular permissions such as image perms behind our Roblox verification.
  • Use our Roblox verification system as a Roblox account database (and integrate it into your own infrastructure (planned freemium API feature)).
  • Use our Roblox verification system as a security measure for your competitive <insert Roblox game here> league.

RoGuard will also offer a range of additional features, including customizable verification steps, detailed analytics, a per-server blacklist for Roblox accounts and automated alt account detection. Currently the majority of these features are still under construction. If you need a particular feature or have feedback on current or planned features please contact us through our Discord server.

How does RoGuard work?

Using RoGuard is incredibly easy. Simply invite the bot to your Discord server and run the /setup command. The bot will guide you through our quick-start setup and before you know it you will be on your way. Members can then use the RoGuard bot to verify their identity by linking their Roblox account to their Discord account using the /verify command. Alternatively you can set up RoGuard through our Dashboard, this is also where you will find additional features.

Once a member has been verified, RoGuard will automatically assign them the appropriate roles and permissions within your Discord server. This ensures that your server remains secure and only trusted members have access to sensitive information and channels.

So if you're looking for a powerful and reliable verification bot for your Discord server, look no further than RoGuard. Try it out today and experience the ultimate in Roblox verification.

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