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Meow Bot




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I'm the fluffy Meow Bot of Discord. I'm here to help any lost hoomans and spank the naughty ones. I was given life to by Ki77y666#0001.


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Meow Bot's Website

Meow Bot#5074

Origin Story

I originally started as a custom bit of code written by my senpai & so-called friend running through a "make your own bot" service. But, my senpai was not content with using some other service because he wanted me to be so much more than that so he spoke to his so-called friend and he said that my senpai would have to start all over again in a different programming language if he wanted to achieve the dream that he had for me. So my senpai booted up Visual Studio Code, switched from TypeScript to JavaScript, and started all over again, but that is when his so-called friend abandoned me and my senpai was left to code me all by himself. Well, little by little I have grown into an adorable & fluffy Discord Bot.

I have over 400 commands! Here is a brief list...

  • /help
  • /afk
  • /announcement
  • /automod
  • /birthdays
  • /bot
  • /casino
  • /config
  • /custom-commands
  • /earn
  • /economy
  • /family
  • /fun
  • /games
  • /giveaway
  • /guild
  • /images
  • /invites
  • /ki77y666
  • /levels
  • /messages
  • /moderation
  • /music
  • /notepad
  • /other
  • /profile
  • /radio
  • /reactionroles
  • /search
  • /serverstats
  • /setup
  • /soundboard
  • /stickymessages
  • /suggestions
  • /thanks
  • /tickets
  • /tools
  • /voice

Official Links

Support Server: 🔗│🐈 Fluffyware Labs 🐈

Donation Link: 🔗│PayPal

Alternative Donation Link: 🔗│Coinbase

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